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An Unforgettable Night With a Paralyzed Brother

It was an unforgettable night with Ammar Bogis – an international speaker who is able to get you to reflect on the blessings Allah has given you with only one sentence.


Ammar said:

“My biggest objective is to be able to stand up for only 10 seconds and bow down in prostration one time only then return back to my previous condition (paralyzed from neck down)”

Ammar shook everyone in the crowd with his beautiful recitation to the Qur’an and told us that he memorized the Qur’an in only 2 years.

He has a message that he wants to share with the world and that is that there is no such things as impossible if you really try. He said:

“I can only use two organs, my eyes and my tongue, yet nothing stopped me from getting educated and reaching all my goals, what is your excuse?”

Ammar even prays his 5 daily prayers in the Masjid and he looked at us and asked us, after seeing my condition and hearing this, what is your excuse for not going to the Masjid when you have legs to walk with?


Ammar is now studying his Master’s degree in the USA and he will return back in 2 months to continue his studies.

By Rayan Fawzi Arab (Jeddah)

Written by IlmFeed

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