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6 Ramadan Supermarket Fails

Many supermarkets around the world introduce special promotions during the holy month of Ramadan for their Muslim customers. But as you’ll see below, sometimes they fail!

Like the time Morrisons displayed wine under a ‘Stock up for Ramadan’ sign.

morrisons ramadan wine

Or when Safeway’s were selling smoked pork under the sign ‘Get Your Ramadan Needs Here’.


And the time this store had discounted alcohol as part of their Ramadan sales.

Carlsberg Beer Ramadan Sale

This store had a ‘buy get 1 free’ Ramadan special offer.

special offer

And Shaw’s and Star Market wished a happy Ramadan advertising Pork.


Finally, Tesco failed when they advertised Smokey Bacon flavour crisps under a Ramadan Mubarak sign!

Pringles Tesco

After being made aware of the fail, Tesco moved the products which they confirmed to @ilmfeed via Twitter:

Written by IlmFeed

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